Friday, August 22, 2014

More Baby Love

I've been busy while on staycation!! Two new baby's in my family. Well actually one is yet to be born but when sweet Olivia is born I am going to gift her mom Audri, my niece these pieces made from the heart. I absolutely love these. Can I say that..yeah, I can and I just did. Hehe. The idea for the little drawstring bags was gleened from Pinterest. This is my spin on it. The contents include a couple of diapers, some baby wipes, baby powder, diaper toss bags, hand sanitizer. Everything the Mom needs for a quick change. The idea is to keep these filled with the mentioned contents ready to pop in your purse. When the busy Mom needs to go out for just a jiffy these can be used instead of taking along the big diaper bag. The other articles of goodness in the picture are the burp cloths that are mentioned in the post below.

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