Sunday, June 15, 2014

More strawberry jam

So remember I said that I had some berry's that I needed to deal with otherwise they were going to go bad. Well, I prepped them this AM and at 5:00 tonight I started making jam and by 6:10 I had 4 -8 oz jars of beautiful Strawberry Jam. Unbelievable. There is no learning curve to either of these Fresh Tech machines. They are so easy to operate and they are very intuitive. So while I was making jam, I was also embroidering my gift for the Handmade swap. I even designed and made a gift box to package it in. I'll show you that when my gift is totally complete. Here is a picture of the actual canning machine. This little appliance and I are going to be best friends this summer. Especially since it takes so little time to can up a few jars, LOVE it!!


  1. Are 4- 8oz. Jars has much as the machine will make at once? Will it fit other size jars as well?

  2. It will actually hold several smaller jars, I would say maybe six 8 oz. Even more of the four ounce or three quart sized. This is definitely an appliance for small batch canning. The reason I love it so and it fits my needs so well is that there is just the Hubs and myself at home now so I don't have a big family to feed. In years past I have let a lot of fruits and veggies go to waste because we could not eat it fast enough. This year I am going to make salsa and tomato sauce out of that bumper crop of tomatoes that ripens all at the same time. Perfect solution for my needs!!